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2017 Fly Tying Sessions

Although this is not a fly tying class, this is a great way to improve your tying skills and accumulate lots of flies. From January through February, CCFF members get together to tie a "fly of hte week" in preparation for nicer weather. Sessions run every Thursday night from January 5 - February 23 at the community room located in the strip mall across from Hy-Vee and next door to Concord Baptist Church. At the tying sessions, more experienced tyers demonstrate how to tie the fly of the week and assist novice tyers with hints and suggestions.

This year there will be two sessions. The first session will begin at 4:30 pm and the second session will start at 6:00pm. Please park in the church parking lot to reserve spots for patrons of the restaurants located in the strip mall.

Below are fly patterns and pictures from past fly tying sessions.

Fly Patterns:         2017         2014         2013         2012         2011         2010         2009         2008         2007         2006

2017 Fly Tying Patterns and Schedule

Winter Fly Tying will start Thursday, January 5, 2017. In case of bad weather, we will be sending out e-mails and posting online any cancellations necessary. You can also call me at (573) 893-4820 or use my cell (573) 680-2286 or Jerry Kemple at (573) 636-7969 or his cell (573) 690-5922.

You can see pictures and the recipes through the 2014 link above. The flies (subject to change) for this winter will be:

Hope to see you on January 5th. — John Walther

Last modified: 1.10.17