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2006 Fly Patterns

Tim's Hitail Claw

January 5
Tim's Hitail Claw
Featured tyer: John Walther

Hook:  Jig hook ­ Bring them in if you have them or John will supply.
Claws:  Brown rabbit strips (zonker strips)
Body:  Brown chenille or Ice chenille
Butt:  Orange Foam (John will bring extra)
Weight:  Lead wire heavy (.30 or .35)
Eyes:  Barbell small 3/16"

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Foam Popper A

January 12
Foam Poppers
Featured tyer: Bab Smerek and John Walther

Hook:  8/10/12 Dry or wet fly (bring whatever you have on hand)
Body:  Different colors of craft foam
Legs:  Rubber legs Black
Other:  Super glue ­ Dollar General brand OK (2 for $1.00)

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Foam Popper B

January 12 (Continued)
Foam Poppers
Featured tyers: Bob Smerek and John Walther

See materials list from previous fly pattern.

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January 19
Featured tyer: Mike Clark

Hook:  Small 4 or 6 3X long or longer
Front Pinchers:  Black Goose Biots
Legs:  Wild Turkey Breast Feathers or long Black webby hackle
Tail:  Black Rubber Hackle
Body:  Black Chennile and Black Foam

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Great Bluegill Fly

January 26
Great Bluegill Fly
Featured tyer: Lee Kudrna

Hook:  8-10 Dry Fly
Body:  Deer Hair
Other:  Craft foam

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Prince Nymph

February 2
Prince Nymph
Featured tyer: Jerry Kemple

Hook:  1x or 2x long with 12-16
Wings:  White goose biots
Body:  Peacock Herl
Legs:  Brown hackle
Rib:  Fine oval gold tinsel
Thread:  Black

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Gill Getter

February 9
Gill Getter
Featured tyer: Mark Van Patten

Hook:  Mustad 9672 Size 10
Underbody:  Lead Wire
Tail:  Natural Deer Tail
Legs:  White Rubber Hackle
Body:  Fluorescent green chenille
Head:  Fluorescent green thread

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EZ Pheasant Tail Bead Head

February 16

EZ Pheasant Tail Bead Head
Featured tyer: Rob Souden

Hook:  2X long streamer 14 or smaller
Ribbing:  Fine gold wire
Thorax:  Peacock Herl
Tail:  Natural Black Pheasant Tail
Bead:  Gold (size matches the hook)

Regular Pheasant Tail Nymph will be tied also!

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Black Caddis

February 23
Black Caddis
Featured tyer: John Wenzlick

Hook:  Standard dry 16 or smaller
Dubbing:  Black
Wing:  Black turkey feather (Turkey round)
Hackle:   Black

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Stonefly Nymph

March 2
Stonefly Nymph
Featured tyer: Larry Murphy

Hook:  6-8 Wet Nymph
Underwire:  Lead (Heavier the better) 0.30 or 0.35
Thread:  Black
Dubbing:  Wapsi Life Cycle - Stonefly Black (has copper glints)
Wing Case:  Wild Turkey Tail Feather (sprayed with dry floral perservative - 24 hours before using)
Tail Rib:  Small black vinyl ribbing
Tails  Black goose biot

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