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2017 Fly Patterns

NOTE: Fly pattern schedule is subject to change pending availability of fly tier/instructor and weather conditions.

Mike's Mohair Leech
Tier/Instructor:  Jerry Kemple

Mike's Mohair Leech
Hook:  #14 - 8 9672 Mustad Hook
Thread:  8/0 Color to match body
Weight:  .020 wire (10 to 15 turns)
Tail:  8/0 Marabou feather color to match body
Body:  Mohair yarn
Optional:  Black, silver, or copper bead head

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Crawford's Guppie
Tier/Instructor:John Walther

Hook:  2x Long Streamer
Bead:  Gold 5/32
Thread Red
Tail and Shellback:  Wild Turkey Feather
Body:  Large Pearl Chenille

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Foam Beetle
Tier/Instructor:  John Walther

Hook:  Dry Fly Standard #12 - 14
Over Body:  2mm Black Craft Foam
Under Body:  Peacock Sparkle Chenille
Legs:  Small Black Rubber
Strike Indicator:  2mm Yellow Craft Foam

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Pheasant Tail Nymph
Tier/Instructor:  Jerry Kemple

Hook:  Mustad 9671 #12 - 16
Bead (Optional): Black or Gold
Thread:  6/0 Brown or Olive
Tail:  Pheasant Tail Fibers
Rib:  Small Copper Wire
Thorax:  Pheasant or Peacock Tail Hackle

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Squirrelly Goose
Tier/Instructor:  Wayne Simpson

Hook:  Scud #16 - 18
Bead:  Black Tungsten
Thread:  Dark Brown
Tail:  Wild Turkey Chest Feather
Body:  Goose Biot

Thorax:  SLR Red Squirrel

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Trout Crack
Tier/Instructor:  John Walther

Hook:  Scud #14 - 18
Thread:  Light Tan
Body:  Sand Antron Dubbing
Shellback:  Dark Brown D-Rib Medium

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Ginny Midge
Tier/Instructor:  John Walther

Hook:  Dai Riki 125, #16 - 24
Thread:  8/0 White or Yellow
Bead:  Gold or Silver Glass
Body:  Small Pearl Flashabou
Wing:  Small Pearl Flashabou

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Rubber Leg Monkey Butt
Tier/Instructor:  John Walther

Hook:  Mustad 3366 Size #6
Thread:  6/0 Black
Bead:  1/8" Gold
Tail:  Fine Red Rubber Leg Material
Body:  Black Thread and Red Small Rayon Chenille
Rib:  Holographic
Hackle:  Black Webby

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Peel and Stick Froggie
Tier/Instructor:  John Walther

Hook:  Mustad 3366 Size #4 - 12
Thread:  Color to match foam
Body:  Sticky Back Foam
Tail:  Metallic Embroidery Thread
Legs:  Metallic Embroidery Thread
Eyes:  Yellow Pins

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